Orbital Climbing Boulder Balm Kit


Orbital Climbing Boulder Balm Kit


Made by Orbital Climbing, Nashville, TN

Boulder Balm is a hard lotion salve formulated specifically for rock climbers to combat the drying effects of chalk and abuse from the rock. Full of soothing oils & fats for faster skin regeneration and elasticity. Use on cuts, scrapes,  & dry skin. 

Each one of our Healing Kits include a skin file sander for taming out of control calluses or rough spots that can snag and become a split or flapper. 

Inside the tin you will find a handy acupressure massage ring for sore tendon therapy. 

We hope we can become part of your skin care routine!

Pick one of our three AWESOME scents (Joshua Tea Tree, Magic Wood, or Mount Lemmon)

Handmade in Nashville, TN in a climber's kitchen.

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